UK Trip, Day 4

I suppose today was a slightly difficult transition day, or something…

After breakfast this morning I packed and went to the station. By checking the state of the trains online, I found that there was a disruption east of Bournemouth so I tried to visit a local museum that Freda mentioned last night. Unfortunately, it did not open until 10, and the next train was 10:13. So I got a coffee and sat.

The train ride was uneventful. I read through a chapter of the book I am proofreading, all about the hidebound institutions of the British army in the 20s and 30s. They effectively perpetuated a class and school based system, with different units having different levels of prestige, so they would look down on one another. Madness. It really was a very strange and awful culture, from my point of view. The book is about how this inhibited the ability of the British army in the early part of the war.

I stopped in a suburb of Portsmouth called Cosham, not for any sightseeing, but to BUY USED BOOKS! Hahaha! After combing through the collection, I found two, both of which I was very satisified to buy. One I had passed up on buying in Toronto and kicked myself for it. The other I had found in Toronto but only at a ridiculous price.

I took the train on into Portsmouth and found my “hotel” courtesy of the directions of my phone. The rooms are over a pub; they have a separate entrance that leads to the back and a tiny staff counter.

My room is almost too small to swing a dead cat. (Sorry for the phrase!) The bed is a reasonably sized single but there is only barely enough room on one side to open my suitcase, and not much more on the other. No desk, a shower stall that looks about 3 feet square, and a room for a toilet and TINY sink which is about the same. But for 55 pounds per night what can one expect?

I had dinner downstairs at the pub and decided to try the pheasant and pigeon dish. Now I know that I do not much like pheasant or pigeon.

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